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Express trip to Puerto Vallarta

Activities for your 3-day vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Express trip to Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is increasingly popular with families and couples who want a quick getaway to this beautiful destination, therefore, no matter the length of your vacation, this will not be an impediment to have fun and enjoy what this paradise has to offer.

At Hotel Rosita we want to share with you some activities that you can do during your long weekend, or three-day trip to Puerto Vallarta

DAY 1 | Stroll through the city

Your first day in Puerto Vallarta will be perfect to get to know the city. The heart of this city is full of charming colorful streets, delicious food on every corner and of course iconic places that you should definitely visit.


When it comes to downtown Puerto Vallarta, your starting point is the boardwalk. This iconic site runs through the center of the city, spreading out to the seashore. An excellent place to take a walk and contemplate the sea, the sculptures, restaurants, shops and markets.

The boardwalk also becomes a fundamental part of the nightlife, as it has many bars, clubs and discos.

Romantic Zone

Also known as the famous Old Vallarta area, it has become one of the busiest in the city. The perfect place to connect, on the one hand, with the traditional and small side

Cerro de la Cruz viewpoint

Located above the city center. A 20-minute tour to climb to the top and enjoy a wonderful view of Puerto Vallarta and the entire Bay of Banderas.

Rio Cuale Island

Surrounded by the Cuale River, this small island offers a unique environment full of gastronomic and cultural options. It is a hidden corner full of nature, a wonderful place to enjoy.

Visiting the center of the city during your vacation in Puerto Vallarta also gives you the opportunity to try authentic dishes from the region. One of the great travel tips to Puerto Vallarta is to walk and see where the locals eat, in this way you will find tasty traditional food.

As night falls, you can enjoy the fireworks that are launched every night, as well as the nightlife in the various bars with live music, or dance the night away in one of the popular clubs along the boardwalk.

DAY 2 | Enjoy the sea

One of the essential activities to do during your vacation is to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Puerto Vallarta. Both children and adults will enjoy splashing in the water. For a relaxed day, we recommend resting on the beach, under an umbrella, accompanied by a cold beer and delicious seafood.

You can also enjoy various water activities, such as paddle boarding, snorkeling, jet skiing or kayaking. The city also offers exciting boat trips that will take you to places in the sea where you can find turtles, dolphins and even whales.


DAY 3 | Get to know the jungle of Puerto Vallarta

One of the activities that you cannot miss during your express trip is venturing into the jungle of Puerto Vallarta. There are several tourist companies that offer you a day of adventure and excitement in the mountains. The tours will take you on a zip line over the treetops and the ATV tours will allow you to walk along trails that will take you to impressive viewpoints, where you can appreciate wonderful views of the ocean from the mountain.

Moment to Rest

At the end of the day, we will be waiting for you at Hotel Rosita where you can recharge your batteries to enjoy more adventures. Ask about our ocean view rooms and continue enjoying the wonderful postcard views that Puerto Vallarta has for you.

Taking an express or three-day trip can be a great escape from the routine and the opportunity to enjoy exciting adventures. Explore the beauty of the city, the sea and the jungle and live exciting experiences during your visit to Puerto Vallarta.

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