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Tips to make your purchases during the quarantine

Take care of your health, that of your family and that of everyone.

Tips to make your purchases during the quarantine

The world is living in difficult times due to the coronavirus epidemic, and unfortunately Mexico is no exception. Therefore, to prevent the spread of this virus, the government declared, as a necessary measure, to stay in our homes and with our family.

However, at Hotel Rosita we know how essential it is to go out to buy food and basic necessities. Therefore, we want to share some tips that you can take into account when going out, and in this way continue to take care of your health, that of your family and that of everyone.

Before leaving home

Prepare a list of essential products that you need, to save time and avoid crowds, it is important that you are clear about what you need.
Do not go out in a group, it is enough that one person in the family goes out to do the shopping. This measure will prevent more people from getting infected.
Choose to make purchases only in stores close to home, as little as possible and try to keep a distance of one meter from other people.
Support local producers or businesses. Many of them already have an option at home.
If you have to go to the supermarket in the area, avoid doing it at the first or last minute, so as not to generate queues that put your health and that of others at risk.
During the purchase

More than a meter away, it is essential to preserve this safety distance, therefore respect the orders of the store personnel, both the distance from people and for individual entry.
Avoid using trolleys or baskets, the ideal is to replace the supermarket trolley or basket with a bag that we bring from home.
Use disposable gloves, the products that we are going to put in our shopping bag have also passed through several hands before. Therefore, the ideal is that you use gloves during your purchase and throw them away when leaving.
Do not touch your face, it is one of the general recommendations these days. Do not touch your face from the moment you leave the house until you return.
When paying

Best card, according to experts, it is best to avoid cash as it passes from hand to hand and can be a potential transmitter of the virus. It is best to use a credit or debit card, or pay by phone.
Give thanks! Thank the people who have assisted you in the supermarket or local store, all of them are making a great effort so that we do not lack food and basic necessities during the quarantine.
When i get home

As soon as you get home, wash your hands, avoid handling food before you have washed for 20 seconds with soap.
Thoroughly wash everything you bought with soap and water. You can wash the fruits and vegetables in a bowl with water and a few drops of microdyn.
We are aware that there are several days until the quarantine ends, therefore, we sincerely hope that these tips will be very useful to keep you healthy and safe. Remember, you are very important to us, we are sure that we will see you again very soon.

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