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What to do during quarantine?

It is time to stay home. Take care of yourself and take care of us

What to do during quarantine?

The Coronavirus or Covid-19 is a global pandemic that clearly affected all of us in some area of ​​our lives. As prevention, the Government has taken the necessary measures that include spending a few days at home to prevent the rapid spread of this virus.

At Hotel Rosita we know that boredom can come to us at any time, that's why we want to share some activities that you can do during these days of quarantine.

It is time to read

Reading is always a good hobby that will also allow you to forget for a moment everything that is happening. Reading a book is one of the best tools to get out of the routine. Try to find a topic that you like and are passionate about to make that moment more enjoyable.

Time to cook

If it is not your favorite plan, you do not have time or you do not know how to do it, this quarantine is the perfect time for that. On the Internet you can find many pages with free courses to learn or, why not, become an expert on the subject. Prepare special dishes for your family and make these prevention days become fun with cooking.

Discover new movies and series

An excellent option to combat boredom at home. Have you already seen the new season of your favorite series? o Have you already done a romantic movie marathon? Set a goal per day for movies and series on Netflix or the online platform of your choice.

Learn something new

From a language or a craft, that this quarantine serves to bring benefits to our lives and the people around us. Nowadays and with the ease of use of technology and the Internet, learning something new is very simple, entertaining and can help us use our time.

Mind and body exercised

Remember, it is not a vacation. If you were one of the people who decided to exercise, lose weight or eat in a better way, this quarantine should not be an excuse to break the diet. These days you can use them to try different healthy recipes, do exercises at home and activate your mind with activities such as word searches, puzzles or crossword puzzles.


The world is paralyzed, it is time for you to also stop your usual routine. Give your body a break and let meditation come into your life. Internalize about your plans and the future that awaits you after things return to normal.

Video game

If you have ever been interested in video game consoles, this quarantine came at the perfect time for you to take advantage and let yourself be carried away by the virtual and animated world of Crash, Mario Bros, Fortnite, Mine Craft or the one you choose. Go ahead and challenge your friends, partner or family.

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today

You no longer have an excuse not to reorganize your house, clean and why not, fix those things that have been damaged in your house for a long time. Let your imagination fly and use these “rest” days to clean up your surroundings and order everything to start from scratch in a renovated space.

Take up that project that you had pending

Write a book, make your own website, create a blog, plan that dream trip for when all this happens, any project that crosses your mind and for which you never have time. Now is the perfect time to unleash your imagination.

The entertainment does not stop

Many artists, museums and events have turned to streaming as a fundamental tool so that entertainment does not rest. Find these virtual activities online that you can attend live without having to leave your home.
Although there are several days until the quarantine ends, we have to see it as the opportunity to do all those things that due to lack of time we never do, just let your imagination fly.

Remember, you are very important to us, so we ask you to please # Stay at Home, carry out these activities that we have shared with you and please take care of yourself, take care of your family and everyone. We are sure that we will see you again very soon.

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