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What to eat in Puerto Vallarta?

Beach, fun and FOOD! Because in Puerto Vallarta you also eat delicious.

What to eat in Puerto Vallarta?

Without a doubt, visiting Puerto Vallarta is; enjoy beautiful beaches, feel the warm sand under your feet, spend hours of fun and, of course, delight in its magnificent cuisine.

Cataloged as "The gourmet city", there are six of the ten best haute cuisine restaurants in Mexico, and it is also home to various culinary festivals such as Restaurant Week and the Gourmet Festival.

Due to its privileged geographical location in the Bay of Banderas, it has the typical products of the sea that, together with the traditional Mexican cuisine, creates an authentic culinary wealth

Meet 7 delicious dishes that you must try on your visit to Puerto Vallarta.

1. Ceviche
It is a very popular dish, which consists of marinated meat, usually fish, seafood or both, in citrus dressings.

2. Pregnant Fish

One of the most representative dishes of Puerto Vallarta, its name is a deformation of "roast fish on a stick." It consists of exquisite pieces of fish, usually dogfish or marlin, smeared with lemon, smeared with lemon, grilled and seasoned with Huichol sauce. Sometimes fish can be substituted for shrimp.

3. Shrimp Pozole

It is a combination between traditional pozole and seafood. It is a tasty stew, made with dried shrimp, small shrimp, pozolero corn, ancho and guajillo chiles, and spices. It is served with lettuce, onion, radishes, cream and lemons.

4. Fish Zarandeado

The base of this dish is the Snapper, a typical fish of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. It is split in half, spread with a sauce with different ingredients (in Puerto Vallarta, Huichol sauce is often used for the marinade), and it is put on a press to grill and turn. It is served with white rice and tortillas, along with a spicy tomato sauce.

We recommend the shaken fish at Boca de Tomates, a beach located half an hour from Puerto Vallarta.

5. Tamales

It is prepared with a white corn dough that can be filled with green or red tomato, meat and chili. This is a typical dish from all over America, with its local variants and dating back to before the conquest.

6. Drowned cakes

They are cakes made of birote, a typical Mexican bread, which for this specialty is filled with pork, but it can also be with shrimp or other meats and then dipped in chili sauce.

Sauces in different degrees of spiciness are offered for tourists, to suit all palates.

7. Birria

It is one of the favorite local dishes and consists of goat or sheep cooked in a spicy sauce with cumin, oregano and ginger. It is served with lime juice, onions and, of course, tortillas. Delicious!
In addition, it has a wide variety of drinks. You can try the coconut water, the fresh seasonal fruit waters; a succulent shrimp michelada, a very popular drink that consists of beer with clamato, shrimp juice, salt, lemon and a variety of sauces, garnished with cooked shrimp; or the tuba, an exotic drink typical of the tropical region and that comes from the coconut palm, is offered very cold and is mixed with apple and chopped walnuts.

In short, Puerto Vallarta has a very varied and delicious gastronomy, and where you can find restaurants for all budgets and expenses.

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