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Spring Rosita

One of the favorite seasons begins, spring!

Spring Rosita

One of the favorite seasons begins, spring! So on these dates you cannot miss the great opportunity to visit Puerto Vallarta where you will find many activities to do in this beautiful tourist port. We will share with you some activities to do!

Botanical Garden:

As we already mentioned, we are in the middle of spring, so visiting this place will be something wonderful. You can find trees and flowers endemic to the area, as well as other species such as orchids. This is one of those must-see places, so you already have an activity to do on your next vacation.

Activities on the Beach:

Without a doubt, being able to carry out an activity in the sea is something you cannot miss, on the beach "Los Muertos" you can do many of these activities, which are banana ride, Jet Ski rental, fly along the beach with the classic 'parachute ', among other. So go pointing out which of these activities you want to do.

Remember that at Hotel Rosita we seek your comfort, that is why if you get to do any of these activities, we ask you to take into account several things, such as the fact that you should make an itinerary of your activities, so that you can make the most of your holidays.

We remind you that within our facilities we have a pool so you can enjoy with your family and relax. So now you know, think no more and come to Puerto Vallarta to experience your Spring Rosita to the fullest!