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Romantic escape to Puerto Vallarta

Tips to make your trip to Puerto Vallarta full of romance

Romantic escape to Puerto Vallarta

The arrival of February envelops us in an atmosphere of romance, and what better way to enjoy the month of love in a paradise like Puerto Vallarta.

Thanks to its dreamy landscapes, gastronomic offer as varied as it is exquisite and various activities full of fun and emotions, Puerto Vallarta has become the preferred destination for couples from all over the world to carry out their dream wedding, enjoy the romance in their honeymoon or romantic getaways that will be part of your most special memories.

At Hotel Rosita we believe that love is the most beautiful feeling that can exist, so we want to share some tips so that you and that special person can enjoy a magical and unforgettable romantic getaway.

Beaches that fall in love

Romance and the sea go perfectly hand in hand when it comes to a romantic escape to Puerto Vallarta since in this beautiful destination you will find the perfect beach, whether it is to carry out a romantic dinner, take a quiet walk, do water activities with your partner, or just to have a moment of relaxation.

And believe me, there is nothing better than feeling the waves during a walk along the seashore, enjoying a beautiful sunset, while having a pleasant chat with that special someone, the perfect setting for romance. Super romantic!

Get to know these beautiful beaches and choose your favorite for your perfect romantic getaway!


A Tour full of magic and romance

Puerto Vallarta has several tours full of adrenaline and fun, but if what you are looking for is one that includes romance, without a doubt you should know the Rhythms of the Night tour

This exciting Vallarta Adventures ride is a night journey full of magic, history, fun and, of course, romantic moments.

Embark with your partner on a catamaran that will take you through a scenic tour where you can witness wonderful views of the Malecón of Puerto Vallarta and the lush South Coast of the bay. Witness the sunset in the middle of the sea and enjoy the unique entertainment of the staff until you reach the secluded and cozy Playa Las Caletas, where the real adventure begins.

After nightfall, walk from the beach to the jungle, where a warm candlelight dinner awaits you and one of the best shows in the city on a stage dominated by a pyramid. The captivating show showcases the rich cultural heritage and pre-Hispanic folklore of Mexico. Back home, back on the sea, continue enjoying the illuminated bay and the fresh breeze, accompanied by a few drinks and the best company.

Dinner on the beach

Puerto Vallarta has exquisite culinary proposals, which you can enjoy by the sea. A romantic evening full of talks, laughter and declarations of love. Whether it is a renowned restaurant, or an impromptu picnic, we are sure that you will have an extraordinary evening, where you will also have the company of the tropical breeze and the vibrant sunsets of Puerto Vallarta. Great for romance.

Meet some perfect restaurants for a romantic dinner.


A walk along the Malecón

The Malecón in Puerto Vallarta is a classic for romance, the scene of great love stories, and where resident and visiting couples are amazed by the beautiful landscapes and hypnotic sunsets.

Start at the north end of the Malecón and see the unique sculptures that magnificently adorn this route. From the hand of your partner, you will be able to contemplate how the sky is acquiring pink and orange tones, forming a magical sunset.

The romantic journey will take you to the colorful pier of Los Muertos, from where, hugging your partner, you will be able to observe the illuminated and vibrant Romantic Zone. To end this evening, you can enter the colorful streets of Olas Altas, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink with the best company.

At Hotel Rosita, we are sure that these tips will make your trip full of romance and beautiful and unforgettable memories, since this month of love will be you, him / her and a romantic escape to Puerto Vallarta.

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