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Quarantined mothers day

Mom deserves the best! Follow these tips to make your day special

Quarantined mothers day

Mom has always offered us her unconditional love. He has wrapped his arms around us as a show of support and comfort. She is in charge of improving the days with contagious smiles. And always, it shows us an indestructible strength to make us feel safe and protected. To tell the truth, we don't have enough words to describe how wonderful a mom is.

At Hotel Rosita we are aware of the situation we are going through worldwide. Many have had to modify their plans and festivities, since the most important recommendation is to stay safe at home. But, it is very important to bear in mind that despite the confinement, there are endless ideas that you can take advantage of to celebrate a very special Mother's Day (or any day), even while in quarantine. Get to know them!

1.- Breakfast with love

Food stores are one of the few possibilities that we have access to due to quarantine, so a good idea is to buy the necessary products to prepare a special breakfast full of love. Mom will be in for a big surprise!

2.- Movie afternoon

How about an afternoon of movies? There is no better plan than popcorn and a good movie, to spend a perfect Mother's Day. And as an extra tip, we tell you that you can do each one from home, in fact, platforms like Netflix include an option to watch it simultaneously.

3.- Sport day

If your mom is a fitness woman or plans to be, this is a good time to do a sports routine together. A few minutes of cardio with a fun Zumba class, or maybe a relaxing yoga class. You decide!

4.- Prepare your favorite dish

Prepare mom her favorite food, we are sure that watching you cook for her will make her very happy. Or of course, for more conviviality you can cook together to enjoy the preparation of your dish even more. Delicious and with love!


Cook a dessert

After enjoying her favorite dish, made by you, Mom will really crave dessert, so why not make one? Mother's Day is a good time to bring out your culinary skills acquired during your quarantine.

6.- Board games

Table games are the perfect plan at home. If you don't have any available, don't worry, there are many applications for cell phones, tablets or computers to play together. What will they play first?

7.- Mom is very modern

Tik Tok is the social network of confinement and it is certainly a lot of fun. Choose one of the thousand “challenges” there are and record one together. We are sure that laughter will not be lacking.

8.- Perfect words

An emotional message is, without a doubt, the most special gift. Tell mom how important she is to you and how much you love her. Take her hand and do it face to face, seeing her smile when hearing your words will be the best of the day. If your thing is to express yourself on paper, you can do it through a letter. If you don't have it nearby, you can send a Whats App message or a call or even make a video with photos and music. It's up to you!

Mom will spend a different Mother's Day, but we are sure that it will be full of love and affection. On behalf of your Hotel Rosita family we wish all the wonderful moms a Happy Day!

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