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Get to know the Museums of Puerto Vallarta!

Have you ever wondered if Puerto Vallarta has museums? Of course it has museums! So we will help you find them so you can visit them.

Get to know the Museums of Puerto Vallarta!


Naval Historical Museum

This museum is located next to the famous "Arcos Del Malecón" place also known as the 'Aquiles Serdán' Open Air Theater. This museum is part of the museum network of the Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR). The place where it is located became the port captain's office in 1974, becoming a naval hospital a few years later, to later become a headquarters for the Local Naval Command.
Currently this enclosure houses paintings, documents, maps, scale models, navigation instruments, uniform photographs and other things from SEMAR.
Admission is free and is open Tuesday through Sunday

Don't forget to visit it!

Archaeological Museum of Isla Cuale.
This museum is an extra attraction typical of the Isla del Río Cuale. In it you can find a collection of ceramics and art on the traditions and customs of the original peoples of the region, dating from pre-Hispanic times between 5000 and 2000 BC. Among its pieces there are hunting and gathering tools up to a grave. All the archaeological pieces were donated by regional museums in Guadalajara, Michoacán and Colima.
Admission is free and it is open from Monday to Saturday.

Chocolate Museum.

This is one of the places that every lover of chocolates must visit. As its name says, in this museum you can learn about the history and processes of chocolate. The museum offers an exhibition while offering various workshops to create your own chocolates and chocolate drinks.
Admission is free Monday through Sunday. What has cost are the products, workshops and programmed activities.

Museum of Opal and Mining in Mexico.

This museum is not open yet, but it will soon. This museum will have the theme of an opal extraction mine and its process for the extraction and conservation of this mineral will be explained.

All these museums are highly recommended to visit!
Have you already entered one?