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Let's celebrate dad

A father's day like they deserve it

Let's celebrate dad

Every third Sunday in June, we warmly celebrate and acknowledge the work of those strong, wonderful and loving men, whom from a very young age we consider our superheroes, those men who proudly bear the title of dad.

At Hotel Rosita you know that being a father is not an easy task, however, even with how heavy this task can be, he has always been there, showing how much he loves you, regardless of distance or time. That is why we want you to share with him a very special Father's Day full of pampering, gifts and surprises. Take note!

Special breakfast

Dad's special day should start early with a delicious breakfast. You can prepare what he likes the most for breakfast and take it to bed (very important, if he is small, mom or your older brothers can help you prepare something very tasty). As it is a very special day, having a detail like this will make him feel very happy and pampered by you

.Surprise gift

Once breakfast is finished, it is time to give him the gift or surprise that they have been preparing to celebrate his day. Either you have gone to buy something special that dad longed for, or you have been very creative and prepared a letter with a very emotional message or a manual work done by you. Whatever the gift, we're sure Dad will love it.

 Activities together

You know that due to Covid-19, we must take into account the hygiene and sanitation recommendations. So once this is accomplished, they can spend Father's Day outside, in the field, at the beach, visiting a nearby city, etc.

In the same way, you can surprise him, organizing a meal at his favorite restaurant or preparing a family picnic. You just have to plan an activity that you can enjoy together and have a great time.

 Technology brings us closer

If any of your brothers or sisters lives in another city or country, either for work or studies, take advantage of a moment of the day to surprise dad with a surprise call and / or video call. We're sure you'll be happy to hear that even those out of town have a moment to congratulate you.

 A Rosita stay

How about giving dad a well-deserved vacation? At Hotel Rosita we have a great 4x4 special, which we are sure you will enjoy a lot. In the purchase of 4 nights, we give you 4 more, to be able to enjoy our beautiful and traditional hotel, and of course relive Puerto Vallarta.

Whether you are a father or a son, this day is to enjoy, to continue adding moments in our life and to maintain that firm union. We are sure that what a father wants most, whatever the age of his children, is to see them happy, together and as a family. Father's Day is one of those days when you can get everyone together and have a special day. So, prepare activities, surprises or a detail and remember that dad will always be by your side.

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