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Celebrate the national month in Puerto Vallarta

With Mexican pride we tell you how to celebrate this September 16 in Puerto Vallarta!

Celebrate the national month in Puerto Vallarta

The most Mexican month has arrived! And this can only mean; streets adorned with green, white and red colors, folk dances, mariachi music, lots of typical food, and of course a country proud of being Mexican.

Like every year, Puerto Vallarta prepares to celebrate the national holidays, hoping that visitors and locals have an excellent day of independence from Mexico.

That is why we want you to enjoy the best traditional events that take place during the national holidays.  

  1. Enjoy the traditional "Charro Day Parade"
    On September 14, an event characterized by the elegance and bearing of the charros and skirmishes of Puerto Vallarta is held, who to the beat of the music make a tour, either on foot or on horseback, which are also adorned with colorful ribbons, as well like fine saddles. A parade full of tradition which commemorates the National Charro Day.

    In addition, the charro canvases bring together thousands of attendees to admire the art of charrería, as well as dances and bullfights.

  1. Give the cry of independence; Long live Mexico!
    Puerto Vallarta celebrates the national holidays in adorned streets that are home to commemorative parades full of colors and tradition. And as part of this great celebration, one of the most anticipated and significant moments is September 15.

    The day the independence cry is given, which gives us the freedom to proudly shout ¡Viva México !, and which is based on the traditional Puerto Vallarta boardwalk. An emblematic event that ends with a night of fireworks, and a heart full of pride.

  1. Live the parade to commemorate independence
    As is tradition, every year on September 16 is a day of celebration, where the main streets of Puerto Vallarta are host to a civic-military parade commemorating Mexico's independence day. An event that brings together schools, municipal agencies and the armed forces, proudly showing their most patriotic side.

    Enjoy the traditional route of this parade, which starts at Parque Hidalgo, extending along the boardwalk and culminating in the Plaza de Armas.

    The main venue for these events is the boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta, where you will find stalls that offer a wide variety of typical Mexican food. In addition, the Arcos del Malecón become the scene of folkloric dances, live mariachi, and extraordinary fireworks that paint Puerto Vallarta with colors.

  1. Celebrate September 15 at Hotel Rosita
    As part of the celebration of the national month, Hotel Rosita wants to pamper its visitors with a Mexican Buffet Dinner, where you can enjoy the delights of Mexican cuisine accompanied by live music and the best atmosphere of a Puerto Vallarta proud of being Mexican.

    We will wait for you!

    For any questions or information, contact our staff, Hotel Rosita wants you to enjoy the national month with pride and that you can shout to all the winds Long live Mexico!

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