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8 Fun Facts About Turtle Season

Puerto Vallarta receives the turtle season with emotion, inviting tourists and locals to participate in this wonderful activity.

8 Fun Facts About Turtle Season

Each year during turtle season, female turtles, mainly olive ridley, flock to the warm beaches of Puerto Vallarta to spawn. Once the hatchlings are ready to go to the sea, the Tortuguero Camp invites all those concerned about the environment who wish to explore nature and, of course, learn about such majestic marine creatures that find safe refuge in Vallarta beaches.

At Hotel Rosita, we share 8 curious facts that you should take into account to live the best experience this turtle season.

  1. Mexico occupies the second place with the largest number of reptile species in the world, including land and sea turtles.
  2. Season
    Officially, the turtle season runs from August to December. According to Vicente Peña, in charge of the civil organization Red Tortuguera A.C., September is the best month to participate in the liberation.
  1. Species
    Four species arrive in Puerto Vallarta: black, hawksbill, leatherback and mainly olive ridley.
  1. Its incubation period ranges between 30 and 60 days.

  2. The greatest predator of sea turtles is humans, in addition to dogs, coyotes and crabs.
  3. Where to go
    The Boca de Tomates Tortuguero Camp organizes this activity. In this place they give talks, and questions about the natural cycles of turtles are resolved.
  1. Precautions
    Like all natural phenomena, the spawning and release of turtles requires that visitors maintain a line of respect for the species. In each camp there is a manager who supervises all the activities and who explains the regulations to you.
  1. Volunteering
    In addition to releasing, you can help during night patrols: it consists of protecting the nests from any predation, human or other animal. If you want to participate, request information directly with the camp.
    The release of turtles is one of the most wonderful experiences that can be lived in Puerto Vallarta, as well as an extremely important task for the protection of the environment. Let's enjoy and take care of the environment!

    For any questions or information, contact our staff, Hotel Rosita wants you to be part of this wonderful experience.

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