Hotel Rosita, 14 de enero del 2014
We are sure that you have already asked yourself these questions a few times. Why do we travel? And why do we like to travel? We travel regularly because our boss grants us some free days, or we want to visit a special event, other may seek adventures or healthy distraction.. and you? Why do you enjoy travelling? People don’t like travelling because of reasons like migration, war or conquest; people want to travel due to other motives. Storytelling: The traveller has always seen, experimented and lived in order to tell a good story. Changing the place: Occasionally, the traveller of this type wants to change place or travel because of the simple fact that he is bored of routine or likes to get to know other places. Everything is new: New places, new persons, scents, tastes… travelling allows us to experiment with our feelings and sensations. Memories: Many people share photos or reviews in social networks, which again will attract more visitors. For you, these are memories and experiences that you will keep your whole life.

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