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If you are planning for your next holidays in Puerto Vallarta to lie at the beach all day, we will inform you here about the top ten beaches of this region. Some of them are only accessible by a water taxi or by taking part in tours.


One of the most visited beaches and situated at the end of the Malecón and close to the river Río Cuale, you can find here a great variety of restaurants, bars, art expositions and souvenir shops. It is actually the only beach with its own wharf.


It is situated at the north of Puerto Vallarta and a perfect beach to enjoy with the whole family. It is surrounded by two essential places of the city, the river Río Pitillal and La terminal marítima, the maritime terminal.


This beach is located at the south of Puerto Vallarta and at the bottom of the mountains and surrounded by forest. It offers water taxi service, and in rainy seasons an incomparable scenery of the growing river.



At the Río Tomatlán and connected with the sea, this beach is situated at a small fishing village just a few kilometres off Mismaloya. There are some restaurants where you can eat with your whole family, and also there are water taxis who bring you to other beaches where you don’t have access to in another way.


Between the impressive the mountain range Sierra Madre and the Pacific Ocean, this beach stands out for its white sand, the blue, crystal water, its light swell and low depths. You can only come here by water taxi or by booking a day trip.


At the south of Puerto Vallarta, there is a mysterious fishing village, with a beach of golden sand and a beautiful cascade. You can rent a horse in order to get there, take a walk with your family or partner and treat yourself to some fine food.


Coming here will be an adventure of two hours. You can take a water taxi from Mismaloya or Boca de Tomatlán to get to this beach, which is perfect to take a break from the daily routine.


Do you remember the famous director of the cine, John Huston? He used to live here in a private villa. Nowadays it is a private beach that you can only access by booking a tour. It is one of the most exuberant beaches and a real paradise in the south of Puerto Vallarta. It is just perfect for a private wedding, a dinner with your loved ones but also for just relaxing off-site, by practicing snorkel, kayak or hiking.


A small beach with a length of only 30 metres. It is quite hidden and only accessible by water taxi from Boca de Tomatlán, and is usually desertic.

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