Hotel Rosita, 14 de febrero del 2014
Often we fall in love with persons, who enrich our lives with details, flowers, chocolate.. maintaining this romance is daily work, of actions which embody the connection that exists between the two people. This month is the month of love, and we share some tips and ideas with you for reviving the love we all have inside, and to put it into practice. Can we give you an advice? Puerto Vallarta is a place to fall in love with.
1.- Sincerity: If you conceal something in your partnership, he will not feel the connection with you. Try to make honesty your priority in life, and understand that communication is the basis of every relationship.
2.- Love your partner: Take the necessary time to understand correctly what your partner likes and what not. As already said, communication is the basis of your partnership, so try to figure out which things strengthen you both. Ask him how his day was or how work is going and pay attention to every little detail. Learn to listen and to speak the same language, be there when he needs you and try to implement all of this!
3.- Accept the other unconditional and respect different tastes: Maintain the fascination and the respect for the other. Love every moment like it will be the last one.
4.- Details: We don’t speak here just from flowers or chocolate but of the actions that build the important fundament of a relationship. This ranges from a message in the morning and taking a break from the routine through to a romantic trip.

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