Hotel Rosita, 19 de febrero del 2014
It is an honour for us to be among the top 10 hotels of Mexico with the most followers on Twitter.Es para nosotros un placer ser parte del top 10 de los hoteles de México más seguidos en Twitter. Here we share with you the article published by the magazine Merca2.0: “México.- In an economy where tourism is one of the main factors regarding the process of growth for the country, the publication of Mexican hotels will attract the visitors’ attention and is therefore of great importance. The usage of social media is the key factor for providing the clients with information about its offers and services.According to the Secretariat of Tourism of Mexico, tourism is continuously increasing, and this activity are the motor for economic development of this country. For this reason, the hotel industry must function as an important cog in the wheel in order to ensure progress, and one of these tasks is social media advertising. If we consider that in November 2013, the country generated an income of the tourism sector that was 8% higher than in the same period of the previous year and we foresee that at the end of the year approximately 13,800 millions of dollars are reached, which is an unprecedented number in the touristic history of this country, it is clear that the hotel chains need to work much in order to stand out of their competitors. According to official data, 11,774 million foreign visitors came to this this country between January and December 2013, which signifies a growth of 9% in comparison with 2012. Therefore, one solution for the hotels to be prominent is by using the medium Twitter, since there are at least 11 million users alone in Mexico, a target group they need to make use of.

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