Quite a few decades ago, Mr. Salvador Gonzalez, a pioneer in the hotel industry of the area, opened the first hotel in Puerto Vallarta. He began his adventure with just 8 rooms never imagining what Puerto Vallarta and the Rosita Hotel would become with the passing of the years.

The Rosita Hotel is still located in the very heart of town, by the sea shore, in the most important tourist area of the Bay of Banderas: its historic center. Its renovated rooms, with very reasonable rates, have free WiFi, as does the entire building. You will discover the flavor of Mexico in each and every corner of the grounds.

The Puerto Vallarta of the Rosita Hotel offers you an experience for all your senses. Your eyes will admire its golden beaches framed by the spectacular multicolored sunsets, right from your balcony. These unique and incomparable moments will draw more than a sigh of love from your heart. You will also see the staff’s warmth and hospitality, the “Patasaladas” (endearing name for people from Puerto Vallarta) that work here.

Your sense of smell will perceive the scent of the flowers in the gardens surrounding the swimming pool and you will also be captivated by delicious aromas coming from the Agave Restaurant, where Oly is the kitchen’s star cook. Breathing in the sea breeze will oxygenate your lungs, filling them with strength and positive energy.

Your sense of taste will celebrate the excellent gastronomic variety available just a few steps from the hotel’s lobby, from the simplest food stands to the most sophisticated restaurants.

Your sense of hearing will be delighted by the ebb and flow of the waves, and all along the tourist zone, the enormous diversity of restaurants and entertainment establishments offer all genres of music for every taste; mariachi, trova, salsa, electronic, disco, pop, etc. At the hotel, Chico Sanchez’s music livens up the afternoons at the Agave Bar, and Laura and Bernardo entertain during the mornings at the delicious weekend buffets. You can also listen to and enjoy a variety of free shows at the main Plaza and the Los Arcos del Malecon.

At the Malecon, a kilometer long (3,000 ft) boardwalk with day and night action and entertainment, your sense of touch will lead you to explore its close to 20 unique sculptures. Here, you could also experience anything from meditating and reflecting to something more active, including the great variety of dancing and nightlife options in Puerto Vallarta. This can all be found just as you step out of the hotel’s lobby.

We invite you to discover this Puerto Vallarta of the Rosita Hotel, where your senses will turn your trip into an unforgettable memory. Live it to believe it.

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