Hotel Rosita, 29 de noviembre del 2013
The Malecón begins at Hotel Rosita, the oldest hotel in downtown, and ends at Los Arcos front of the park Lázaro Cárdenas, the main square. A new breakwater was constructed along the zone of the 12 blocks and the pedestrian area was extended. Many new palms and comfortable banks provide places to sit in the shadow. Close to Hotel Rosita we can register to rent kayaks and bikes for free.
Pretty designed pavements attract the attention of the pedestrians and provide an artistic insight into the whole project. The design was created by the artist Fidencio Benítez, a native of the fascinating indigenous people Huichol, whose fantastic artworks can be appreciated in galleries in the whole town.Every tuesday at 9:30 am, visitors unite at the sculpture “Milenio” next to the Hotel Rosita for participating in a free tour of the bronze statues which adorn the Malecón, along the seashore, with the bay Bahía de Banderas as an impressive background. This sculpture collection has grown since the inauguration of the first sculpture, el “Caballito de Mar”, the Seahorse. It was placed there in 1976 and is considered the emblematic symbol of Puerto Vallarta. The “Voladores de Papantla” are one of the many attractions at the Malecón. The five flying men, dressed in traditional clothing, climb a post of 15 metres height. One of them plays the flute and remains in top of the post, while the other four literally throw themselves from the top. Hanging headlong with a rope around their ankles they slowly get to the ground. They act only for tips, so we should be generous.

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