Quite a few decades ago, Mr. Salvador Gonzalez, a pioneer in the hotel industry of the area, opened the first hotel in Puerto Vallarta. He began his adventure with just 8 rooms never imagining what Puerto Vallarta and the Rosita Hotel would become with the passing of the years.

The Rosita Hotel is still located in the very heart of town, by the sea shore, in the most important tourist area of the Bay of Banderas: its historic center. Its renovated rooms, with very reasonable rates, have free WiFi, as does the entire building. You will discover the flavor of Mexico in each and every corner of the grounds.

The Puerto Vallarta of the Rosita Hotel offers you an experience for all your senses. Your eyes will admire its golden beaches framed by the spectacular multicolored sunsets, right from your balcony. These unique and incomparable moments will draw more than a sigh of love from your heart. You will also see the staff’s warmth and hospitality, the “Patasaladas” (endearing name for people from Puerto Vallarta) that work here.

Your sense of smell will perceive the scent of the flowers in the gardens surrounding the swimming pool and you will also be captivated by delicious aromas coming from the Agave Restaurant, where Oly is the kitchen’s star cook. Breathing in the sea breeze will oxygenate your lungs, filling them with strength and positive energy.

Your sense of taste will celebrate the excellent gastronomic variety available just a few steps from the hotel’s lobby, from the simplest food stands to the most sophisticated restaurants.

Your sense of hearing will be delighted by the ebb and flow of the waves, and all along the tourist zone, the enormous diversity of restaurants and entertainment establishments offer all genres of music for every taste; mariachi, trova, salsa, electronic, disco, pop, etc. At the hotel, Chico Sanchez’s music livens up the afternoons at the Agave Bar, and Laura and Bernardo entertain during the mornings at the delicious weekend buffets. You can also listen to and enjoy a variety of free shows at the main Plaza and the Los Arcos del Malecon.

At the Malecon, a kilometer long (3,000 ft) boardwalk with day and night action and entertainment, your sense of touch will lead you to explore its close to 20 unique sculptures. Here, you could also experience anything from meditating and reflecting to something more active, including the great variety of dancing and nightlife options in Puerto Vallarta. This can all be found just as you step out of the hotel’s lobby.

We invite you to discover this Puerto Vallarta of the Rosita Hotel, where your senses will turn your trip into an unforgettable memory. Live it to believe it.

Rosita Hotel is a downtown classic in Puerto Vallarta.

Located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, just where ‘el malecon’ (boardwalk) starts, Rosita Hotel is one of the most traditional and emblematic hotels in the port, the perfect choice for those seeking comfort, warmth, excellent service and to be, of course, where the action takes place and experiment Puerto Vallarta’s charm.

Its privileged location allows travelers to unlimited options and activities just a step away.

With 114 rooms that preserve their traditional Mexican architectural style, Rosita Hotel greets thousand of tourists throughout the year, with those who even book their stay a year in advance. Its comfy rooms, with either view of the ocean or of the magical cobbled streets, have all the comforts: AC, cable TV and Wi-Fi.

The pool area is equipped with comfortable loungers under the shade of sky-high palm trees; its restaurant Agave offers a large variety of delicious dishes, bar service and a hearty breakfast buffet on Saturdays and Sundays, also open to the public. The direct access to Camarones beach, Blue Flag Certified, is also a great choice for water activities such as kayaking or paddle boarding.

One of its main surrounding attractions is the famous sculpture ‘Milenio’, where every Tuesday at 9:30am, hundreds of visitors come together for a tour of the bronze statues located along the corridor.

Check out its great packages and deals and enjoy your vacations at Rosita Hotel!

All year-round, Rosita Hotel greets tourists and travelers from all over the world. Its privileged and enviable location makes it a perfect accommodation option if access to Puerto Vallarta’s best is what you’re looking for.

Its appealing packages, deals and affordable year-round rates have made Rosita Hotel a family classic to spend unforgettable vacations at the world’s friendliest city.

Just a step away from Puerto Vallarta’s boardwalk, the Malecon, where you can enjoy a variety of activities, like the famous Malecon Sculpture Walking Tour, the Papantla Flyers and, of course, the gastronomic offer, all along this beautiful corridor.

Rosita Hotel has 114 comfortable rooms, and though equipped with AC, cable TV, and Wi-Fi, they still preserve the traditional Mexican architecture. At the pool area, you can enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s lovely weather resting on a lounger while you watch the waves crash.

Savor the best of Mexican food at Agave restaurant, where you can also find appetizing dishes and bar service, and on the weekends you can enjoy a breakfast buffet.

Discover PV’s downtown charm, stay at Rosita Hotel, right in the heart of Puerto Vallarta.

Hotel Rosita, 27 de septiembre del 2013
Between 14th and 23rd November, the XIX International Gourmet Festival is celebrated in Puerto Vallarta. With an history of 19 years, it has become a symbol of the country, allowing the promotion of the destinations Puerto Vallarta – Rivera Nayarit – Tepic on an international level by presenting the gastronomical highlights of our country. The 13 most important restaurants of these destinations participate, and 14 hotels and 24 chefs invite the whole world.
Hotel Rosita, 21 de noviembre del 2013
Puerto Vallarta has more to offer than just sun and beaches. We invite you to get to know natural preserve areas as well, like the estuary “El Salado”. With approximately 169 hectares, mostly covered with mangroves, swamp and a medium sized jungle. There are more than 100 different birds species registered, furthermore there are amphibians, reptiles and mammalians. The bay is the habitat for a great diversity of flora and fauna, who are protected by the environmental institution SEMARNAT.
  • The tours take place from monday to friday, at the time of 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.
  • Duration of the tour: 2 hours
  • Meeting place: Puerta 4, Av. Francisco Medina Ascencio, in front of the hospital Naval
  • Recommendations: Wear convenient clothes and shoes and a cap, and take biodegradable insect repellent, a bottle of water and a (video) camera with you.
Information and Reservations Tel: 22.62878 Mobile: 322-888-9981 E-mail: [email protected] Contact person: Oralia Martínez www.esteroelsalado.org There are tours for you to get to this beautiful place, and we will inform you here about the trip: The tours through El Salado are guided by a biologist, and the visitors traverse ca. one kilometre at board of the boat “La Aventurera”, where they can contemplate the huge variety of the fauna, the three species of mangroves and their main characteristics. Also they will be able to ascend the observation tower, where they can appreciate the whole preserve area from the height.
Hotel Rosita, 29 de noviembre del 2013
The Malecón begins at Hotel Rosita, the oldest hotel in downtown, and ends at Los Arcos front of the park Lázaro Cárdenas, the main square. A new breakwater was constructed along the zone of the 12 blocks and the pedestrian area was extended. Many new palms and comfortable banks provide places to sit in the shadow. Close to Hotel Rosita we can register to rent kayaks and bikes for free.
Pretty designed pavements attract the attention of the pedestrians and provide an artistic insight into the whole project. The design was created by the artist Fidencio Benítez, a native of the fascinating indigenous people Huichol, whose fantastic artworks can be appreciated in galleries in the whole town.Every tuesday at 9:30 am, visitors unite at the sculpture “Milenio” next to the Hotel Rosita for participating in a free tour of the bronze statues which adorn the Malecón, along the seashore, with the bay Bahía de Banderas as an impressive background. This sculpture collection has grown since the inauguration of the first sculpture, el “Caballito de Mar”, the Seahorse. It was placed there in 1976 and is considered the emblematic symbol of Puerto Vallarta. The “Voladores de Papantla” are one of the many attractions at the Malecón. The five flying men, dressed in traditional clothing, climb a post of 15 metres height. One of them plays the flute and remains in top of the post, while the other four literally throw themselves from the top. Hanging headlong with a rope around their ankles they slowly get to the ground. They act only for tips, so we should be generous.
Hotel Rosita, 14 de enero del 2014
We are sure that you have already asked yourself these questions a few times. Why do we travel? And why do we like to travel? We travel regularly because our boss grants us some free days, or we want to visit a special event, other may seek adventures or healthy distraction.. and you? Why do you enjoy travelling? People don’t like travelling because of reasons like migration, war or conquest; people want to travel due to other motives. Storytelling: The traveller has always seen, experimented and lived in order to tell a good story. Changing the place: Occasionally, the traveller of this type wants to change place or travel because of the simple fact that he is bored of routine or likes to get to know other places. Everything is new: New places, new persons, scents, tastes… travelling allows us to experiment with our feelings and sensations. Memories: Many people share photos or reviews in social networks, which again will attract more visitors. For you, these are memories and experiences that you will keep your whole life.
Hotel Rosita, 15 de enero del 2014
Thereare many benefits for holidays with just the two of you, be it reviving the love, taking time out from the children or a second honeymoon for renewing the marriage vow.Furthermore, travelling together awakens the most romantic sides of a relation by revealing everything what you love about your partner. Enjoy being together in a relaxed ambience, far off the pressure of work and the boringness of routine, and turn back to the sensible, romantic and attractive side of your partner. Hotel Rosita offers for you and your loved one an awesome offer. Book now and enjoy some unforgettable days at this beautiful place.
Hotel Rosita, 14 de febrero del 2014
Often we fall in love with persons, who enrich our lives with details, flowers, chocolate.. maintaining this romance is daily work, of actions which embody the connection that exists between the two people. This month is the month of love, and we share some tips and ideas with you for reviving the love we all have inside, and to put it into practice. Can we give you an advice? Puerto Vallarta is a place to fall in love with.
1.- Sincerity: If you conceal something in your partnership, he will not feel the connection with you. Try to make honesty your priority in life, and understand that communication is the basis of every relationship.
2.- Love your partner: Take the necessary time to understand correctly what your partner likes and what not. As already said, communication is the basis of your partnership, so try to figure out which things strengthen you both. Ask him how his day was or how work is going and pay attention to every little detail. Learn to listen and to speak the same language, be there when he needs you and try to implement all of this!
3.- Accept the other unconditional and respect different tastes: Maintain the fascination and the respect for the other. Love every moment like it will be the last one.
4.- Details: We don’t speak here just from flowers or chocolate but of the actions that build the important fundament of a relationship. This ranges from a message in the morning and taking a break from the routine through to a romantic trip.
Hotel Rosita, 19 de febrero del 2014
It is an honour for us to be among the top 10 hotels of Mexico with the most followers on Twitter.Es para nosotros un placer ser parte del top 10 de los hoteles de México más seguidos en Twitter. Here we share with you the article published by the magazine Merca2.0: “México.- In an economy where tourism is one of the main factors regarding the process of growth for the country, the publication of Mexican hotels will attract the visitors’ attention and is therefore of great importance. The usage of social media is the key factor for providing the clients with information about its offers and services.According to the Secretariat of Tourism of Mexico, tourism is continuously increasing, and this activity are the motor for economic development of this country. For this reason, the hotel industry must function as an important cog in the wheel in order to ensure progress, and one of these tasks is social media advertising. If we consider that in November 2013, the country generated an income of the tourism sector that was 8% higher than in the same period of the previous year and we foresee that at the end of the year approximately 13,800 millions of dollars are reached, which is an unprecedented number in the touristic history of this country, it is clear that the hotel chains need to work much in order to stand out of their competitors. According to official data, 11,774 million foreign visitors came to this this country between January and December 2013, which signifies a growth of 9% in comparison with 2012. Therefore, one solution for the hotels to be prominent is by using the medium Twitter, since there are at least 11 million users alone in Mexico, a target group they need to make use of.